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BearBadger is a physician-led team founded by Dr. Charles Haviland Mize and Dr. Michael Kellner.  We are passionate about extending the reach of medicine to support human endeavor and are determined to push the boundaries of what is possible in the delivery of remote, pre-hospital critical care.

BearBadger grew from work in the Himalaya, where Dr. Mize and Dr. Kellner created Bhutan Emergency Aeromedical Retrieval, the Kingdom of Bhutan’s critical-care helicopter rescue service.  The success of that endeavor led to the creation of the Kingdom’s mountain rescue team and then to retrieval projects in other countries, where BearBadger has helped to establish rescue in austere circumstances where success requires fortitude, precision and technical expertise.

Born in the Himalaya, BearBadger now works with governments and health care systems around the world to extend and improve critical care retrieval systems and to support high-risk expeditions in challenging environments.


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Coauthors: Charley Shimanski and Dr. Mize

New editions of Mountain Rescue Association's foundational textbooks now available!

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